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GNetx Sequence Multivitamins

GNetX® Sequence is a multivitamin that an accredited Black physician developed.


GNetX® Sequence was designed to help target specific nutritional needs while also addressing the health deficiencies our community experiences.

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Specifically Formulated For Us

 GNetX® Sequence Multivitamins have more vitamin D, magnesium, potassium, and zinc due to published data that shows that we disproportionately have lower levels of these essential substances.


Formulated Differently

Vitamin E

Vitamin E does have many known benefits, but its deficiency is also associated with significant health issues. Research suggests that vitamin E may also be linked to the increased risk of inflammatory ailments. However, studies show that melanated people do not tend to be vitamin E deficient.

Vitamin K

Our community is known to have a higher instance of forming blood clots, which can lead to serious conditions. Since there is not a Vitamin K deficiency in the U.S., we saw no reason to include it in our formula given the increased potential risk of blood clots.

Vitamin D

Only 4% of our community had a "sufficient" amount of vitamin D in their system. Vitamin D is essential in critical bodily functions vital to your health and long-term wellness. Unfortunately, most of us do not get enough sun exposure or dietary vitamin D that our bodies need. Many people are unaware of their low vitamin D levels, and that low vitamin D levels can be linked to various chronic illnesses.

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