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Small Changes, Big Progress – Your Journey Forward

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Forward Weight and Wellness offers personalized weight management and nutrition programs using evidence-based practices. We focus on addressing obesity, promoting overall wellness, and working with individuals and communities to foster healthier lifestyles.

Program Features

Medical Weight Loss:
Personalized plans using the latest research and FDA-approved therapies.

Bariatric Surgery Wellness:
Pre- and post-surgery support to optimize outcomes.

Anti-Obesity Medications:
Access to the latest FDA-approved medications.

Nutritional Guidance:
Tailored meal plans and advice.

Physical Activity Coaching:
Custom exercise routines.

Behavioral Support

Psychological support for long-term success.

Latonya is great I have been seeing her since University Hospital. She is kind, encouraging and helpful with trying to help you reach your weight loss goals. She is knowledgeable with providing you the tools you need to help you be successful. I am grateful for her assistance in helping me. I highly recommend her.

Rhonda C. 

Expert Advice. Expert Care.

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"Forward" embodies our philosophy – progress, momentum, and moving positively toward a healthier future. We believe that every step forward, no matter how small, brings you closer to your aspirations.

Ready to Move Forward?

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